The conference banquet will take place on the evening of June 27 (Wednesday) at the Ikutajinja-kaikan (Ikuta Shrine Hall).

The Ikuta Shrine Hall is next to Ikuta Shrine (c_, Ikuta-jinja), one of the oldest shrines in the Kobe area. With more than 1,800 years of history, the stately Ikuta Shrine is the origin of Kobe City's name, as Kobe comes from "Kambe", which means "Protector of the Deity of Ikuta". Although located in the urban center of Kobe, the shrine's "Ikuta no Mori (Ikuta Woods)" is a sanctuary of natural beauty where you can hold the party in a tranquil setting.
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The hall is located within walking distance (aprx. 10 min.) from Sannomiya stations.

Directions from the (Kobe Port-liner) Sannomiya station to the Ikuta Shrine Hall.